What’s included in my subscription fee?

When you subscribe to The Gumnut Trade, you receive credits in the form of Gumnuts. Use your Gumnuts to shop our ethical and sustainable wardrobe. 

Your subscription includes unlimited clothing exchanges, however, postage is not included. We launder the clothes once we receive them back, and subscribers are insured against reasonable stains and wear-and-tear.

Will my subscription automatically renew?

Yes. Your subscription fee will be charged to your nominated credit card each month.

How much is postage?

We will charge you a flat rate which will subsidise the cost of postage to you. We do not profit from this charge (in fact we subsidise the postage costs for you).

How do I pause or cancel my monthly subscription?

We understand you might receive second-hand clothes from friends and family and may not require our service for a given period. We understand that life happens, and you might need to take a break from your membership.

To pause your subscription, you will have to cancel your subscription via our website and then sign up when you are ready to start sharing again. Your account information will be remembered from your prior membership therefore ensure you update any personal information that has changed.

To cancel your subscription, you will need to cancel via our website. We will be sad to see you go but you are always welcome to sign up again when you are ready.

Please return the clothes via your account before your next renewal date and send them back to us. Once we receive the clothing we will not charge you. You will not be charged any additional administration fees for pausing/canceling your membership.

If I choose to cancel my subscription, can I subscribe again with you again at a later date?

Yes. You will need to sign up again via our website.


How do Gumnuts work?

Once you select your monthly subscription, you are ready to shop. You will receive credits in the form of Gumnuts, which you can use to spend across our range. For a guide to help you select the right plan for you, click here.

When you return the clothes, your Gumnuts are refunded, and you can spend them again on new items. If you discontinue your subscription or we do not receive payment one month in advance, you will have no Gumnuts and you will have to send the clothes back to us.

How do I use Gumnuts?

Once you receive your Gumnuts you decide how to spend them across our range. Choose from brand-new, lightly worn, and well-loved items. Newer items cost more Gumnuts, lightly worn garments cost less, and well-loved items cost the least. All items are subject to availability.

When you have selected your clothing for your first pouch, simply ‘checkout’ and we will post them to you in sustainable and ethical packaging with a prepaid pouch to send them back when you are ready to exchange clothing.

Once you are ready to exchange clothing, log into your account and select which items you wish to return which will refund your Gumnuts back to you, freeing them to be used in the Gumnut Trade’s Wardrobe. Once selected we will post out your new clothing, once received you will have 5 business days to return/ arrange pick up of the selected clothing to avoid a late fee. 

What if I don’t spend all my Gumnuts at once?

If you are unable to use all your gumnuts at once, you may keep them for your next purchase. We encourage you to use them where possible to get the maximum usage out of your subscription.

Can I purchase additional Gumnuts?

Yes. You may upgrade your subscription tier, but you are unable to purchase a once-off additional amount.

Please contact us for further information.

Returning/Swapping Clothing

What happens if some of the clothes don’t fit?

We recommend trying on new items as soon as you receive them. Place any ill-fitting items into your return mailbag and post them back to us within five business days to avoid additional postage fees. When returning items that don’t fit, please notify us of your return/s by contacting us here. We will send out the correct size at no additional cost to you.

How often can I exchange clothes?

You can exchange clothes at any time, without incurring an additional fee. Exchange when your child grows or when the seasons change. Most parents exchange items every three months.

Postage is charged per exchange and is an additional cost to your subscription. Postage is charged at a flat rate.

How do I exchange the clothes?
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Access your Wardrobe in your My Account area and choose the items you’d like to return. The Gumnuts spent on those clothes will be refunded, so you can spend them on new items.
  3. Shop our range of ethical and sustainable clothing.
  4. Checkout with your new items

Your items are posted to you in sustainable packaging along with a compostable prepaid mailbag. Use the mailbag to return your clothes within five business days of receiving your new clothes. Sending clothes later than five days after receiving your new items will incur a late fee. 

We launder all the clothes that are returned to us so they are ready for another family.

Does it cost me more if I swap more frequently?

Subscription prices cover the cost of exchanging items every three months. However, we understand that children have growth spurts and special occasions to attend, so you can make additional exchanges beyond the three-monthly exchanges included in your subscription. Additional exchanges will incur postage fees.

What if my clothing item gets damaged while I’m renting it?

We get it. Stains and wear and tear will happen. Your subscription fee includes stain and wear and tear insurance, however, if the damage is significant (for example, large bleach stains or an extensive tear) and considered beyond repair, you may have to purchase the item. This will be determined by The Gumnut Trade’s repair specialists.

Late Fees

Returning clothing later than five business days will incur a late fee of $5.00 per item per day until the value of the item is recovered. Late fees will be invoiced to you and debited from your nominated account.

If late fees cannot be collected, we will take action to recuperate the value of the item(s), as well as lost rental revenue and any costs incurred by The Gumnut Trade in seeking such action.

Clothing & Laundering

What do the terms ‘brand new’, ‘lightly worn’ and ‘well-loved’ mean?

Brand new: Just received from our supplier and never worn before.

Lightly worn: Almost new and in very good condition. The items may have some light fading but no stains or obvious wear and tear.

Well-loved: Worn. These items may have light marks and fading, but nothing obvious. They might present with minimal pilling, but they are perfect for messy play or daycare.

We check over all items to ensure they have the correct condition rating, and that they are cleaned and steamed before it goes out to you.

If the item is deemed unwearable it is decommissioned and enters our garment end-of-life-program*.

*coming soon

Is wardrobe sharing hygienic and safe for my children?

Brand-new clothes are delivered to you unworn and unlaundered, but we will steam them to freshen them. We highly recommend washing them before wear. For tips on washing, see our Laundry Guide.

Lightly worn and well-loved clothing will be laundered using products from The Dirt Company. Their products are plant-based, vegan, and most importantly, they are safe for your seedling's delicate skin. The Dirt Company is Australian-owned and Melbourne-based. You can find their products at www.thedirtcompany.com.au.

What sizes do you stock?

We currently stock size 000 through to size 6. Sizes will vary according to availability, but our range will increase as our company grows. Sizes vary depending on the brand, fabric, and style of the item. Please see our handy size guide to help you find the size you need.

If your child wears our biggest size and you want to continue using The Gumnut Trade’s shared wardrobe, please get in touch to discuss ordering larger sizes.

Finding the right size for my child

We only stock ethical and sustainable brands and they generally make their clothes on the roomier side. Please ensure you select clothing that fits by size rather than age. To ensure you order the right size, make sure you measure your child according to our guide.

Select clothing that fits your child now. You can exchange for larger sizes at any time, so there is no need to think about sizing up.

How do you select your brands?

We want everyone to have an opportunity to dress their children in high-quality, sustainable brands. We choose our brands according to strict criteria:

  • They must be Australian or New Zealand-owned.
  • They must be sustainable. Their fabrics must either be sustainably sourced, recycled, or upcycled.
  • They must be ethical. They must manufacture their items within Australia or source regulated and ethical manufacturing overseas.

We are continuously expanding our wardrobe encouraging and supporting small businesses around Australia and New Zealand.

How do I care for the clothes when I get them?

Always follow the washing instructions on the tags of each garment. We have included a Laundry Guide to help with stain removal and general washing advice.

What does the stain, wear and tear insurance include?

Your subscription fee includes insurance for reasonable stains and wear and tear. You will not be charged extra fees for stains and wear that fit our criteria of what is reasonable.

Reasonable stains include small, minor, non-obvious marks.

Reasonable wear and tear include lost buttons, failing zips, unraveling embroidery and hems, seams opening up, and wear of elbows and knees.

If you notice any stains or wear on a garment, let us know.

What damage isn’t covered by insurance?

Major damage that affects the integrity of the clothing is not covered by insurance. This includes tears, holes, shrinkage, bleach stains, and colour changes. Theft and lost items are not covered by insurance.  

In cases of major damage and lost or stolen items, you may either be charged based on the recommended retail price and condition of the garment.

Brand new
100% of RRP

Lightly worn
25% less of RRP

50% less of RRP

If garments are deemed repairable, you may be charged the repair costs and additional fees for lost revenue on the item.
If items have been damaged, lost, or stolen whilst in your care, please email [hyperlink] and we will advise you how to proceed.

Can I label clothing for daycare and kindergarten?

Yes, if the label can be easily removed without damaging or marking the clothing. We suggest using water-resistant stickers. 

What laundry products do you use?

All clothing is laundered using The Dirt Company’s range of earth-conscious products. Their products are safe, vegan, eco-friendly, and effective. The Dirt Company is Australian owned and manufactured.

We wash clothing in full loads to avoid wasting water and we don’t use tumble dryers. Washing is more eco-friendly than harmful and potent dry-cleaning chemicals. 


Why is sharing better than buying brand new clothes?

Children outgrow clothing before they outwear them. It is easy to accrue a wardrobe of unworn and outgrown clothes that you must either pass on, recycle or upcycle, so they don’t end up in landfill.

The production of new clothing is costly – for you, the consumer, and the earth. The textile industry cuts costs by exploiting natural resources and human labour, not to mention the industry’s use of pollutants.

By wardrobe sharing, you are limiting the demand to produce new items. When you subscribe to the Gumnut Trade, you can choose brand-new clothing for a fancy occasion or something well-loved for messy play.

How does sharing compare to second-hand?

Sharing is more conscious than second-hand clothing because the clothes are worn to the full extent of their life (from new, to lightly worn, to well-loved), passing from family to family.  

What happens to the clothes after they can no longer be shared?

When an item of clothing is no longer in an acceptable condition to be worn, it will be decommissioned and will enter The Gumnut Trade’s Wardrobe new-life program. Our new-life program will recycle and/or upcycle these fabrics into other textiles that will be sold via our website. The proceeds are then donated to your preferred charity. We are so excited about this, so watch this space!

What laundry products do you use?

All clothing is laundered using The Dirt Company’s range of earth-conscious products. Their products are safe, vegan, eco-friendly, and effective. The Dirt Company is Australian owned and manufactured.

We wash clothing in full loads to avoid wasting water and we don’t use tumble dryers. Washing is more eco-friendly than harmful and potent dry-cleaning chemicals. 

What sort of packaging do you use?

We send your clothes in compostable mailers. When you unpackage your items, just throw the mailer in the compost bin. It’s completely compostable, including the shipping sticker. We also include an eco-laundry bag with most packages, which we recommend using, especially for those softer, delicate items. The eco-laundry bag is to be returned when you return your clothes, it’ll be laundered and re-used. This is a complimentary service and you do not incur any additional fees for this.

How sustainable is your shipping?

Unfortunately, the shipping process isn’t as carbon-neutral as we’d like, but it is slowly getting better as technology evolves. In the meantime, by sharing clothing you are omitting most of those carbon outlays, making a huge impact compared to buying new from several brands.

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