A full wardrobe of sustainable and ethical clothing for your kids.

from $34.50 per month

Why a shared wardrobe?

  • Reduce textile landfill
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from mass-produced clothing
  • Revolutionise the broken fast fashion industry
  • Support local businesses who pay workers a fair wage


tons of textiles end up in landfill in Australia, each year. Unsustainable brands contribute to the majority of this waste.

As featured on the Natural Parent Magazine

Read the article: Shared Wardrobe: Sustainable & Ethical Clothing For Your Kids


How it works

Step 1

Select your plan

Select a monthly subscription that suits your family. Pause, cancel, and resume at any time. Stain and wear & tear insurance is included in your monthly fee.

Step 2

Shop our gorgeous ethical and sustainable clothing

Select your subscription and browse our ethical and sustainable Australian-owned clothing and accessories. Swap anytime.

Step 3

Exchange your clothes as your little one grows

When you’re ready to exchange your clothes, just select the items you want to exchange, pick your new clothes and send the old ones back in our sustainable prepaid pouch.


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